OtterBox statement Series Case for iPhone XR

Like always Apple has been spot on when it comes to making a market masterstroke and this time iPhone XR has served this purpose for them. The lower price tag and excellent battery are two of the major highlights of this phone but there is much more it has to offer. Apart from the technicalities, one plus point you can’t deny is the size of this phone as it’s neither too big, nor small; it could be the choice for those not impressed by the sizes of both iPhone XS and XS Max.
Standing at 150.9 mm iPhone XR is around 7mm bigger than iPhone XS and 7mm smaller than the beast iPhone XS Max.
If you have got your hands on iPhone XR or planning to buy it any sooner, this case review will help you a bit.

Is it your cup of tea?
If you really get on the edge of your seat with the premium feel of leather, this case is for you. But here is something more to the story as this case let you flaunt the iconic logo. It offers the leather covering at your ports and curves but relies on the polycarbonate covering of most of the back area so you could show off your case rightly.
If that is something excites you, protection with flaunting your Apple logo, for sure you gonna buy this case. You don’t need to worry much regarding the protection it gives you as it has cleared 24+ tests over 238+ hours and now stands under the tag of Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection.

The up-to-date technology isn’t the sole reason you are buying iPhone; the style and the attitude are the reasons as well. The iPhone XR also carries on with the same legacy. Up on it, this case doesn’t hide your iPhone XR way too much but still empowers you with all the required protection. The raised protective bumper let you have the full-screen access and that adds more to your style.
The luxurious feel of leather and buttoned up keys making it both look superb and easy to use as well.

The premium materials used to assure you the quality that is meant to last long. This case gives you the 1-year official warranty, means 365 days of complete protection without suppressing your style.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Blue and Black

What it is made up of?
Synthetic Rubber, Premium Leather, and Clear Polycarbonate.

Value for Money (VFM)
Like iPhone XR this case doesn’t break your bank as it falls under the apt price tag and still has to offer all the basic features. The 1-year warranty assures you 365-days of carefreeness.