iPhone XS Max Silicone Case

iPhone XS Max, one of the latest iPhone releases, is the biggest beast of the town among counterparts. This premium-looking phone coming up as the duo of iPhone XS isn’t only atop when it comes to size, it has got everything bigger and better whether it is the about the camera or other features.
Following that the higher price tag of this phone won’t make the pain in the ass for many of the users who are always there to get hands on the best; not even the second best.
Getting prominent as the priciest iPhone ever, this beat can break your heart and the bank as well if it gets damaged. So, to make sure you don’t suffer all that here is one of the cases for you.

iPhone XS Max Silicone Case Review

Is it your cup of tea?
There are various types of cases making rounds in the market; many of them to make sure protection are hard and rigid; this phenomenon for protection might offend many. Apple Inc. understating that very well offers you all the required protection for your phone and that too in the soft silicone case.
Specially built for your iPhone XS Max, this case is the blend of sophistication and elegance, where safety works as an icing on the cake. This case designed in a way it snuggles over your phone rightly without adding a few extra ounces on it.

Who else can understand the style better than Apple itself? So, this case by the big-wig company carries on with the same style-statement. It doesn’t offer something out-of-the-box or unique, it boosts you with simplicity and the ultra-protection. It maintains the silky and soft touch with the silicone outside, whereas microfiber inside is on the mission to protect your phone.
Unlike many of the heavy cases or those offering much embellishment, it enables the wireless charging when it is even on your phone.

Apple is a maestro with its creation and same goes for the protective cover it offers. The aesthetic design is executed in a way that it lasts long without making you worry about the wear and tear. With giving protection around the clock, this cover is something to stay long with you.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Mellow Yellow
  3. Pacific Green
  4. Nectarine
  5. Lavender Grey
  6. Blue Horizon
  7. Stone
  8. Pink Sand
  9. Midnight Blue
  10. White
  11. Black
  12. Red

What it is made up of?
Silicone and Microfiber lining

Value for Money (VFM)
This case priced at $39 is too good under this price tag as it will give ultimate protection from scratches and dents but it isn’t something to pamper you when it is about using it in untoward situations. A fall from a certain height can cost you a bit too much. So it is good when it comes to the price tag but it isn’t near to the best protective cases in the market for your iPhone XS Max.