Ideal Marble Fashion Case for iPhone 6

If you own an iPhone, ‘outdated’ tag is not something made for you as each of the product they coming up with hit the bulls-eye and jump in joy with the coveted ‘ever-green’ tag. Whether we talk about iPhone 3G, the first one to bring this brand to the limelight, with even 10 calendars changed it is still running in some capacity. Talking about the iconic iPhone 6, released around 4 years back, it somehow turned out to be the game-changer with it’s quite much bigger size as compared to the iPhone 5. It won’t be wrong to say that iPhone 6 marked transitions from medium-sized to bigger sized screens, and with now several years passed it tend to be the right decision.
Still, in the business, iPhone 6 is still a milestone for those who are more than happy to get their hands on iPhone 5. Though this might sound a bit slow for many it is what it is happening across the globe. So, if you proudly own an iPhone 6 and looking for the protecting case, this review can be helpful for you.

Ideal Marble Fashion Case for iPhone 6 Review

Is it your cup of tea?
You might have heard of the term fashion case, which stands out for all the creative type of covers for your phone. The cases we talking about can have some verbal’s written on it; it can be anything from brilliant to weird. The case being reviewed here is one of them and what it has to offer is something unique and out-of-the-box.
Have you ever imagined having marble placed as a case of your phone? If not then this is a golden opportunity for you to try that. If you thinking that’s going to be some polycarbonate or plastic with marble design it then you need to rethink as this time on it is the real stone assign to protect your phone. The glamorous sheen and the fine touch it comes up gives never-before experience and that’s good enough to grab it up.

The marble as your iPhone case won’t be something very much new for the fashionistas as it’s in the business from several years. But still, there are a few reasons one can’t overlook straightaway. This case is hard on but isn’t something over-sized pushing your phone to look vague. It is sleek with compact covering and that too the hard one. What works the best in your way is it’s carved in a way that it doesn’t stop you from showing the iconic logo on back.

The stones are hard and so is this case, which is eye-catching and protective simultaneously. It is something meant to last long , which keeps you pampered with offering a 1-year warranty.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Green Marble
  2. Black Marble
  3. Brown Marble

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
$39.99 for such a hard- shell case which keeps you even on top with your style is a safe bet.