Dog &Bone iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case Review

Water resistant and waterproof are two different things that are often taken as the same. This difference might not be meant to many but it will surely be a must-read for those who have always been bragging about their phone being water resistant or waterproof as well. Talking specifically about the iPhone 7 Plus it is something that provides water resistance but it isn’t waterproof at all; with being rated as IP67 water and dust resistant under IEC standard 60529, iPhone 7 is well established to work fine with even being submerged into over 3 feet of water for around 30 minutes. If the water level gets more or it remains there in the water for more than the aforementioned time than you gotta bear the water damage as this is something iPhones are prone to.

Is it Your Cup of Tea?
If you’re looking for the rugged dust and water protection; you’re into skiing, water boating or swimming and you get your phone wet than what you all have to do is to buy this case in first place. Standing tall as the world’s first topless waterproof phone protection case, this Dog and Bone Cases give the ultimate protection from dust, water, snow, and shocks.
You don’t need to worry if you accidentally drop your phone in water as this exceptional case withstands up to 6.6 feet (two meters) in water for around one hour. So now you just go care-free when this case is upon pampering your phone.

It isn’t like the water suit you used to wear, oversized, too much of covering and also adding too much of weight on you. With even slim and sleek offering and a decent looking pattern on the back, it gives easy access to all the required openings on your phone. The direct touchscreen works as an icing on the cake with its waterproof performance. Moreover, the color scheme it offers work rightly in giving your phone nice apparel.

The 12-month warranty means 12 months of complete protection of your phone no matter you get it to sink in water or get it to expose to dirt or snow.  The premium quality of your case means it won’t make your phone lag off. To be precise this case gives you $7.5 a month complete protection under its 12-month warranty tag.

Damage on Pocket

Color Options

  1. Silvertail
  2. Blackest Black
  3. Oceana Electric Range

What it is made up of?

Silicone and Polycarbonate Back, Premium Rubber Grip
The Silicone and Polycarbonate back enhance the flattened look of the phone and makes it flexible and scratch less simultaneously. On the other hand, rubber gripping on sides makes it even ideal for the one-hand users.

Value For Money (VFM)
Costing around $90 might be a bit too much for your two years back launched iPhone 7 but still if you not looking to compromise on the goodness of your iPhone and want to keep it in mint condition for long; this case is for you.