Case-Mate Wallet Folio for iPhone 7

Like everything else iPhone 7 also has dozens of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ but one of the reasons it turned out to be a real winner among other Apple phones is the ‘Jet Black Color’ it had to offer. Even with 2-calenders changed, iPhone 7 is still one of the most looked out for phones in the market plus it’s still selling like a hot cake in many of the markets.
When you have iPhone 7 Jet Black in your hand there’s nothing else you would want to look even more exquisite but with everything working good for this phone, you can’t overlook the ‘fine micro-abrasions’ as Apple itself posted about that earlier. Moreover, Apple also suggested the users go on with protective cases to make sure the shine of your jet black does not go that way.
Here we have got a protective case for you that is more than just a case; as it’s a wallet too.

Case-Mate Wallet Folio for iPhone 7 Review

Is it your cup of tea?
In last quite some time we have seen a shift from leather protective cases to that off polycarbonate but what if this cover is for all the leather-material fans out there. This case-cum-wallet even work wonders if you don’t want to handle your mobile phone and wallet differently as this wallet folio offers space for both. Either you want to put your cards or the cash, you can put it in it with your iPhone 7 on one side protected with the complete leather covering.

It has much to offer for all the fashionista that comprehend going out-of-the-box and unique as well. The premium leather feel adds on to your personality with even pledging you to give the ultimate protection. The spacious wallet space within that case may leave people in awe as people won’t be sure enough that whether it is a case or the wallet.
This case doesn’t rip off your class and sophistication at all, it just adds more to it with its 2 in 1 feature.

As its original leather case that too backed with high quality, the Case-Mate never looks perplexed about giving the lifetime warranty for this case. So with such an assurance regarding the durability when should be sure enough to know that it is something meant to last long.

Damage on Pocket

Color Options

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
A $60 would be too pricey for your iPhone 7 but don’t forget it also offers a wallet option as well and that too made up of leather. If you opt a leather wallet for cash and cards separately you won’t be getting anything less than $30, so, this case cost you economically right as for a $60 it protects your phone and work as a wallet for you simultaneously.